Specialised Bursary Management

Clients call TTI Bursary Management at the beginning of their bursary cycle when they need advice on how to spend their budget on bursaries. We assist with full bursary cycle including policy development, recruitment, administration of funds, monitoring and reporting, student support for academic excellence and psychological strength.


At TTI we manage a range of bursary types and cater for various kinds of client strategies. Each bursary has a distinct bursary policy and criteria.

Recruitment bursaries

These bursaries are awarded by companies who are aiming to attract potential employees back into the business. Applicants qualify based on skills training related to the company’s business operations.  Students will enter into a contract with the funding company and may or may not have to work for the funding company once they complete their studies. The service commitment if any, is usually on a year for a year basis.

Testimony: by a company that hired a student

"I have great feedback from business about this years cohort of the graduate programme. They understand our corporate culture and business is very impressed with the quality of professionalism and soft skills the candidates possess." 
Transformation Manager

Employee bursary schemes

This is a bursary category where students funded are beneficiaries or relatives of the funder’s employees. TTI will facilitate the application process and provide support for employee relations through this bursary programme.

Testimony: from employee whose child is in the programme

Thank you for the emotional support you give to my son. After he spoke to one of your coordinators, he told me that I work for a great company that really cares about us. This made every challenge in my job worth it. 
Parent and employee

Community based bursary Scheme

A bursary awarded to permanent residents of a community within which a funding company operates. TTI supports companies that want to invest in developing the communities and increasing the skills value that benefit those communities

Testimony: from a community leader who sees the value of the company’s involvement and impact on the student

Seeing the students from this community graduating and their sense of responsibility towards the development of this village, makes our relationship with the traditional council through this bursary project valuable. The efforts of the bursary programme is welcomed by all stakeholders in this municipality 

Student support

Empowering Students Beyond Financial Aid: A Holistic Approach to Tertiary Education Success

The advent of fee-free education in South Africa heralds a new era of accessibility in higher education, particularly for students from low-income backgrounds. However, this welcome change also brings to light a critical challenge: the issue of student throughput in universities. Current statistics reveal a concerning trend – only about 30% of students in public universities complete their three-year degrees within the designated time frame. This bottleneck effect, where students linger in the system, potentially hampers the entry of new students and leads to inefficient utilization of educational resources.

For bursary funders, this scenario presents a financial conundrum. The extended duration of student education due to delayed graduations was an unforeseen cost, demanding strategic solutions to mitigate these expenses.

Recognizing the multifaceted nature of this challenge, TTI is committed to more than just financial support for students. We’ve developed a comprehensive support system, encompassing professional mentorship, qualified coaching, and mental health care resources, all aimed at guiding students towards academic and personal success.

We aim to assist companies to navigate the following challenges in managing their bursary:

Improving pass rates and mitigating dropout rates for tertiary students

Increase the chances for employability and entrepreneurship for students to become contributors of the economy post school.

Reduce academic and psychological risks at higher institution

TTI recognizes that due to the significant gap between rural education and lifestyle, and tertiary education in larger cities, bursary students require ongoing mentorship and support throughout the year.

Our Holistic Student Support

In our program, we acknowledge the multifaceted challenges students face when transitioning to university life, especially those coming from diverse or underserved backgrounds. Our focus extends beyond financial aid, aiming to enhance each student’s ability to adapt and succeed in a new and often challenging academic environment.

Recognizing that everyone requires support and mentorship at key moments, our initiative offers a robust network of mentors. These mentors are not just guides but also pillars of support, helping to identify and address various personal and academic challenges. They are instrumental in fostering crucial life and coping skills, ensuring our students are well-rounded, resilient, and prepared for both university life and their future careers. This comprehensive support system is designed to empower students to navigate their unique paths with confidence and competence.