Our company value-add

TTI Bursary Management is an award-winning Education Management Firm in the education sector, specializing in bursary management, learnership programs, and grant management. We seamlessly integrate with your team to enhance the value of your programs. Our expertise spans strategic planning, psychosocial support, and maximizing impact. We prioritize student success, post-school opportunities, and mitigating risks at higher institutions.

Our goal is to help companies address challenges in bursary management, Learnership management and grant management such as improving student success rates, boosting post-school opportunities, and reducing risks at higher institutions.

Our Clients

We serve South African and multinational companies in various sectors: Industrial services, construction, Financial services, Engineering, Information technology etc.

Our Team

Over and above our management team, our office comprises of financial administrators, BEE and education specialists, Project managers and administrators, qualified mental health workers, qualified COMENSA registered coaches and other support staff.