Learnerships, Apprenticeships and Internships are crucial to achieving a top B-BBEE rating on the Skills Development. We provide solutions that will help our clients to maximize the skills development points. We assist our clients with the skills development interventions as most organisations find it difficult to manage. We support our clients to unlock potentials that can lead to increased performance in the organisations, to ensure that they have a workforce that has the competent capabilities.

Most companies cannot accommodate learners and interns within their own businesses to ensure that students develop the ability to integrate their learning through a combination of academic and work-related activities. If your organisation is looking for the learner placement in your businesses; looking to contributing to the unemployment statistics by providing Learnership opportunities and to increase the B-BBEE points, we have a solution tailor made for your strategic objectives.

Our value add!

We advise, develop and implement!

Our Human Capital solutions is to ensure that your organisation aligns itself to the Skills Development and Transformation Agenda. We assist companies with the end to end of the project management and quality assurance process of Internship, Apprenticeship and Learnership programmes. We manage the placement of candidates within vetted small, medium and large sized businesses and help with the hiring process within your company.


Do you have budget to use on Skills Development but do not have the capacity to host learners in house? Our national network of employers looking to host interns and learners makes us the perfect partner to facilitate the implementation of your skills development programme. We identify and partner with companies, recruit learners and manage the whole process from start to finish, ensuring you get maximum B-BBEE benefits. This solution will offer a relief for companies who do not have the capacity to host interns and learners in-house, but still wish to meet their B-BBEE requirements for this element. As leaders in skills development, training and management, your organisation can rest assured that training budget spend is being utilized correctly and our South African Youth are being empowered. TO PARTNER WITH US email   or Click here to book